10 Most Essential Rap Producers To Lean On in 2020



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To expose the whole truth, there is a new world order and rules to govern artists in the music planet. Why? This is due to an increasing number of content-creators, hence, a decrease in the number of consumers who might upvote a certain content from a single content-creator, leading to a stiff competiton. This situation lead to a point were extreme creativeness is the only recipe to elevate artists to an upper echelon.

As an essential piece of advice, we traced a followable persepective from an expert Michael Len Williams II (Mike WiLL Made It), a professional producer who was offering an advice to lads following his footstep or other artist's pathways, saying they should not drop out school or college if they don't have well defined future plan about their career because its not easy to knock down biggest apes already operating in this music game, just like a football club, its extremely difficult to make it to the first team from the juniors.

Selecting the most essential beatmakers is a difficult nut to crack because you have to listen and analyze more than 10 projects or work of a slected number of producers and they all have to pass through an enormous number of factors before selecting those with the highest score. So we are going to go through few factors below before we get to the main list.

So what factors makes up a professional rap producer ?


The one to inherit the music-producing-game throne should be aberrant, a heavy duty operator. What kept Kanye West relevant for more than a decade is not his controversies, it's because of his unique producing style. Trend riders, producers who get carried or hooked up with a trending wave. They are like citizens of a certain country, by default they are always waiting for the government to introduce a wave or new rules and then the citizens create new content accordingly. No ordinary musician or producer will regulate or rule the music world, unless they build their own unique characters and styles.


The process of bringing back old spirits or using the same tactics / style that made you successful a year / 2 years ago in music is a big misstep. Yes there should be your own well known unique style but it should be mixed with different concepts, for example the mergism of different genres to create an incredible beat. No one is able to ingest same type of meal for two consecutive weeks, the situation is analogous to music listening session situation, same type of style, flow and concept will force your fans to log-off. Lack of freshness, is the only factor leading to the demolition derby of producers. Dr. Dre has a different approach in each and every project, with no doubt he proved to be one of the ayatollahs.


We wouldn't be using "Auto-Tune" if Kanye West didn't take a risk of using it during the "808's and Heartbreak" recording sessions. He knew that this could put his career to an end by using an uncommon, weird feature in his songs but nevertheless, it was an introduction of a critical feature that Migos, Lil Pump and most of new rappers currently base on.

Mind capturing sounds

One goal to accomplish when it comes to producing is to draw the listener's attention, to keep him / her hooked up to your work for years. This is a time taking process to accomplish when recording, as you have to study the human behavior and his / her reactions to certain melodies.

The list below are 10 essential rap producers to lean on, who act as the main hip-hop / rap pillars.

10. Murda Beatz

Its easy to get to know Shane Lee Lindstrom's ( birth name ) work / projects due to his viral producer tag "Murda On The Beat So its Not Nice". He is the man who was behind the following smash hits - Migos - "Motorsport", Drake - "Nice for what" , 6ix9ine- "FEFE" , Drake - "Portlandd, Cardi B - "I Do". Murda Beatz is one of the producers to create longterm places for artist on billboad charts, thus a clear path to a breakthroug for new musicians who work or who wish to co-produce with him.

Notable Projects / Work:

Smorkpurpp (with Murda Beatz) - Bless Yo Trap;

Drake - Nice for what;

6ix9ine- FEFE

9. Kenny Beats

Kenny beats (Kenneth Charles Bloom III) used to work as an EDM DJ and he dicedide to showcase his creativity via the hip-hop / rap world as a producer. Kenny is not into big stars a lot, he likes to merge with young talents who are one step away from their breakthroughs like Greedo, JPEGMAFIA, Young Boy Never Broke Again etc .

Notable Projects / Work:

Dababy - Toes;

Vince Staple - FM!;

JID - Slick Talk;

Geedo & Kenny Beats - Netflix and Deal;

Denzel Curry - Unlocked.

8. Mike WiLL Made It

This selection process will never jump Mike WiLL Made-It, who should be praised for longevity. Mike WiLL understand better the whole algorithmss behind trap beats. For better creativity and for the sake of brainstorming he created a company, "Ear Drummers" and employed in-house producers( J-Bo, Blue Cheeze, Pluss, Marz, 30 Roc e.t.c). Mike WiLL act as a smash-hit creator and he is able to switch to R'n'B and Pop instrumentals merged with trap / hip-hop features. His work got him a top call from the filmmakers to analyze and create a soundtrack for the movie "Creed II".

Notable Projects / work:

Creed II : The Album (soundtrack);

Rae Sremmurd - All Projects;

Kendrick Lamar - "Humble ";

Kendrick Lamar - "DNA";

Beyonce - "Formation"

7. 40-Noah

He inherited the alias 40 because he used to work in the studio throughout the night, crafting beats and hence the full name "40 days and 40 nights" ( shortend to 40). Noah James Shebib, is Drake's day to day companion. He act as an excutive producer for all Drake's major projects.


40 mastered to create slow-jam sounds that evokes or that create a remote atmosphere like, merged with brooding synths.

With this unique producing style, 40 and Drake managed to create their own unique atmosphere in the music planet after they proved to be real billboad juggernauts.

Notable Projects:

Drake - 90% + of his projects are co-produced / produced and mixed by 40

6. Cardo

We will never doubt a producer who craft certain melodies able that were able to satisfy the perfectionist,Kendrick Lamar during a project creation session in the studio. We are talking about the producer who made instrumentals for Travis Scott's "Goosebumps" ScHoolboy Q's "THat Part," , Drake's Gods Plan(co-produced with Boi-1da) , Kendrick Lamar's "untitled 07 " & the BlackPanther track "Big Shot". Cardo is an underdog who sometimes keep a low profile and bounce back with a Hulk-like jab.

Notable Projects:

Jay Rock - Troopers;

Drake - God's Plan;

Kendrick Lamar's - untitled 07, Big Shot(with Travis Scott)

5. Vinylz

Vinylz, the one who went against his parents' wishes, to follow his dreams and due to hard work or his unremittingness, he made it to the stratosphere. He chose to drop out of college soon after he hooked up with Swizz Beatz. He connected personally with Boi-1da, through Myspace because of the "Best I Ever Had" instrumental, hence it paved a straight path way, directly leading him to his dreams.

Notable Projects:

Drake - "5 pm in Toronto"

DJ Khaled - No New Friends

Drake - 0 to 100/the catch up, Fake Love

J.Cole - Deja Vu (co-produced with Boi-1da)

Chris Brown ft. Drake - No Guidance

4. Boi-1da

Some of the best music analysts pick Boi-1da as the head hancho, with an unbreakable producing formula, the one who creates accolades (Grammys, BETs) for artists. Boi-1da is one of the gods behind Drake's smash hits, e.g. the multiplatinum hit "God's Plan", "Duppy Freestyle" etcetera . Apart from Drizzy, Boi-1da is a perfect environment for any artist who forechoose a different style, he proved it by creating a lot of sucssecful tracks for different big names with different approaches like J.Cole - "Fire Squad ", "A Tale of 2 Citiez", Eminem - "Lucky You", Cardi B -"Be Careful," "Best Life" and a lot to mention in one post. His projects managed to get him nomoneted at the 2019 Grammys as producer of the year (Non Classical).


His instrumentals are derived from the roots of Jamaican Dancehall , with a unique dancehall sound.

Notable Projects:

Drake - Scary Hours EP ("God's Plan" & "Diplomatic Immunity");

Cardi B - Be Careful ;

J.Cole - Deja Vu (co-produced with Vinylz) ;

Beyonce & JAY-Z - FRIENDS ;

Eminem - Luck You;

Jay Rock - WIN ;

Big Sean - Blessings

3. Dr. Dre

An O.G. from Compton, former NWA producer and one of the earliest people to introduce hip hop/rap music to the world. Dr. Dre, with more than 25 years expirence of producing, he is familia and comfortable with any path or style of creating beats (rap, jazz, alternative instrumentals, trap), hop back to some of his notable best projects that he worked on e.g Kendrick Lamar's - "To Pimp a Butterfly" , jazz influenced project, Kendrick lamar's - "Damn" trap influenced project and the recent Eminemes -"Music To Be Murdered By", with different style .Dr. Dre worked with numerous number of legends such as 2pac, Ice cube, Eazy-E, Snoop Dogg etcetera , so he experienced different situations in studios , working with different characters for more than two decades and he is still flying to new heights, thats why they take him as one of the best rap producers in the world.

Notable Projects:

Eminem - Music To Be Murded By (2020), Kamikaze ; Kendrick Lamar - Damn, To Pimp a Butterfly

2. Mike Dean

A professional producer and engineer whose mindset is analogous to that of Kanye. Mike has been in the game for decades working with Kanye West, since "The Collage Dropout" era, as they share the same philosophy amd they understand each other better. Recently He played an important role in mastering and mixing West's Wyoming projects.

Notable Projects:

Travis Scott - "ASTROWORLD"

Kanye West - Ye, Graduation, MBDTF, 808's and Heartbreak;

Pusha T- "DAYTONA",

Kid Cudi & Kanye West - KIDS SEE GHOSTS

Nas - "NASIR"

Teyana Taylor - "K.T.S.E"

1. Kanye West

Yes, our new gospel artist Kanye deserve the top spot. You may call him a lunatic but his unique mindset is unsurpassable, Steve Jobs type of a mindset, deriving unthinkable producing formulas and hence top-level US educators (professors) and analyst mention his name when they talk about essentialism. Ye persisted to the top of the mountain, showing off his skills after creating a number of successful projects e.g. "Jesus Is King", "Ye', Pusha T's "Daytona" etcetera. Let's get back to his 6TH album "YEEZUS". One album made up of CREEPY-WEIRD scary beats? Merged with aggressive lyrical content. Let's fly to the fashion world, he is still competing with top names, and no one in the world would have chosen to dress like Abercrombie if Kanye didn't. This clearly shows that his creativity is out of this world.

Notable Projects:

Kanye WEST - Jesus is king, Ye, KIDS SEE GHOST;


Nas - NASIR ;

Teyana Taylor - K.T.S.E;


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