6 Best Hip-Hop Artists Who Are Valuable To The World In 2020



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Its hard to keep on tracking best hip-hop artists in this crowded hip-hop planet, a planet where millions of experts fight for one trophy. In this internet era, a high school kid who is just freestyling for the first time can take down a well known rapper's career in space of weeks due to social media. Who can we seriously trust and look up to now as the most valuable?.

There is no need to create a hypothesis or to opt for a decision making process to find the answer. There are living legends who are unsurpassable and their work prompted many analysts to create conspiracy theories about their success. There are no theories to base upon with in hip-hop, its all about hard work and other certain factors. Why do we consider Kanye West as one of the best hip-hop artists of all time, its because of his versatility, creativity and quality content which is marketable.

I had to compile a list of about 50 rappers and analyze their 10 or more projects or work repeatedly and narrowed the list to 6, according to certain factors such as creativity, impact, lyrical content, versatility e.t.c.

The list below are 6 best hip-hop artist, who we consider as the most valuable in the world (because they stand up for something good to benefit the world and that thing to change someones life )and the ones to look up to in 2020.

6. Pusha T

On 6 we got Pusha T who is an underground King, who separate himself from the kings of the YouTube. Pusha T is like one of the people from the high table who like to hang out and play with the servants. His content is comparable to those of the top rappers, but he is one of the underrated artists. His project "Daytona" was nominated as one of the Best Rap Albums but unfortunately Tyler, The Creator won it.

Notable Projects:


King Push : The Darkest Before Dawn

My Name Is My Name

5. Tyler, The Creator

Tyler, one of those weirdos, one of the artists who operate more in the alternative genre, sometimes switching back to hip-hop / rap , sometimes he is a singer, but he is identified as a rapper. His creativity level in terms of lyrics, production and the visuals are out of this world. Tyler's incredible work got him the award of the Best Rap Album ("Igor") at the 2020 Grammy Awards.



Flower Boy

4. Saba

Yes, Saba deserve to sit right next to greatest names. If you hop back to his project "Care For Me", which we consider as one of the best project, you will discover that he is a unique character who depend on his own wave. His lyrical content is that drug-free type of content to make a positive impact. Many exclude him in the top hip-hop artists list because of his not into trap beats a lot like other trending rappers.

Notable Projects:

Care For Me

3. Kanye West

The one who switched to the christians-world. Kanye showed-off his versatility after he proved that he can fit in an environment, soul-gospel, hip-hop or pop, he is good at anything. Dig deep into his recent project "Jesus Is King". Apart from music, Kanye rules the fashion world too, with his brand name Yeezus legging a bit behind big fashion companies (Gucci,Nike,Tom Ford e.t.c).

Notable Projects:

Jesus Is King; Ye;

Kids See Ghost

2. J.Cole

Cole's mindset is analogous to that of Kendrick Lamar. If they say most of all best hip-hop artists are uneducated, thats a myth because we got a lot of rappers who went to college and one of them is J.Cole. That might be the reason why he isolate himself and carry a selected number of people he trust away from other artists and decide to reside with the civilized ones. Cole is in love with the storytelling-tactic, a better strategy to capture the listners mind , which he take as an advantage to paint a large picture to his fans.

Notable Projects:

Revenge Of The Dreamers III


2014 Forest Hillz Drive

Cole World

1. Kendrick Lamar

Yes, Kendrick Lamar's perfectionism is far beyond the norm, thus, overfocusing on each and every music subject, paving the way to successism and the changing of people's lives. His impact to the community is undeniable . He stretches from creating motivating lyrical content that promote civilization and a total change in the African-American lives, to creating pg-Lang, a new company he formed with Dave Meyers offering opportunities for independent content creators. Besides Mr. West I consider him as one of the best hip-hop artists of all times.

See how Kendrick Lamar & J.Colepsychologically maintain their longevity in music

Notable Projects:

Black Panther:OST


Untitled Unmastered ;

To Pimp A Butterfly;


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