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Best Rap Albums Of 2020

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Its not a process of just adding a list songs to a named folder or playlist and label it as an album and then pray for 120 000 first week pure sales, its a death race, kill or be killed. Artists had to play russian roulette for these albums to be best rap albums of 2020.

These writers try by all means to inject normalcy in any chaotic situation through thier lyrical content.They are relentlessly trying to stabilize this shaky world using their projects.

Despite the 2020 disturbing Corona Virus, they made a sacrifice in order to deliver their best track list to their target audience.

Factors used to select top rap albums of 2020

Does the album shake the audience ?

One reason why top flight musicians always break the deadlock in this music game is because they aim to form an everlasting strong bond with their listeners.

They aim to make to a positive impact to the consumer's life through lyrics, visuals and other music related products.

Somebody should be able to point a finger to a certain LP, giving credit, hence increasing a cumulative tally of popularity for that certain project after a lesson that he or she got from that album.


Artists are advised to craft music that force the listeners to press the repeat icon hundred times for years. What prompt the fans to repeat a track is the substance in it.

If you are an artist and you find out that your target listeners are not able to go through your new project again sometime after their first listening session, it means you missed something.

Engaging-quality music

One error most musicians are making nowadays is they try to skip fundamental principles used in the process of making top level albums inorder to avoid pain and to save time and energy.

They try to create a shortcut that leads to the same level of success where those who made it music through hard work are hanging.

The truth is you cannot pretend for so long, one way or the other the whole truth is going to be exposed. It takes months or even years of research, years to identify the best squad to work with for you to create high quality lyrics and melodies that affect people emotionally and mentally.

These are best rap albums of 2020 you missed.

Jay Electronica - A Written Testimony

If we create a list of future rap saviors, Jay should be in the top 10. A lot of music-pundits consider him as one of the best lyricists.

He is one of those inactive individuals who take their time to create songs that plant their roots in peoples hearts, songs that are there to stay relevant for years. This explains why fans keep on holding to his rope.

A Written Testimony was one of those long-awaited rap albums, and to be honest, it was worth waiting for. Roc Nation released the album on March 13, 2020, thirteen years after the release of his debut mixtape, Act I: Eternal Sunshine (The Pledge).

The project featured Jay-Z's uncredited vocals with other guest appearances and additional vocals from Travis Scott, James Blake, The Dream and several others.

The content inside revealed why we kept on holding to Jay Electronica for so many years despite his long dry spells. Undeniably, this is one of top rap albums.

Stream / BuyA Written Testimony [LP]

Busta Rhymes - Extinction Level Event 2: The Wrath of God

This should be a good example to display to those who believed that Busta Rhyme's writing skills deteriorated . There is no need for music experts to convince rap fans to like Extinction Level Event 2: The Wrath Of God. Good content will always speak for itself.

Busta observed all world chaotic situations for a long time and this forced him to unleash and reignite his creative writing process in order for him to reveal his perspective and theories. Fortunately, it was successfully executed.

In an interview withNMEthe rapper dived deep inside the core portions of this project, explaining reasons why he served a lot of apocalyptic stories. He also added that in this album he wanted to strongly emphasize and highlight more about the most crucial issue that made up 2020, racial discrimination and injustice.

Busta teamed up with top stars such asKendrick Lamar, Eminem, Mariah Carey, Rick Ross, Rapsody, Mary J. Blige, Anderson .Paak to complete this astonishing project.

Stream / BuyExtinction Level Event 2: The Wrath Of God

Feddie Gibbs and The Alchemist - Alfredo

Please, don't be skeptic when it comes to Freddie Gibbs efforts, he Is quietly progressing, moving super fast in the right path anonymously.

The studio album Alfredo, released on May 29, 2020 is a two man incredible project, done by Gibbs and The Alchemist (a hip hop producer).

The rules or principles will never change -album sales will never be the factor to determine talent or an aspect used to determine an outstanding album for that certain year, its the content or substance we drain from it.

Alfredo was nowhere close to someother top charting or top selling records but it was among Grammy nominees of the best rap albums 2020.

Its a 35,05 minute snack that got feature support from two top class rappers -Tyler, the Creator and Rick Ross, structured with bars / lines and concepts that are up to par.

Stream / BuyAlfredo [Explicit]

Mac Miller - Circles

This was the final studio album from the late star, Mac Miller, released by Warner Records and REMember Music posthumously.

The record labe's top brass paid a visit to Miller's project that he was working on before we lost him in 2018 and they pushed hard for this huge and engaging record to see the light of the day. The producer, Jon Brion took the whole project into his hands and forcefully pressed hard until its completion.

The bad part about life is death and the baddest part about death is no one can stop it or reverse it. We lost one of the most talented musicians so early and there is no one in the world who can bring him back.

What was he trying to imply in this project? He wanted the listeners to get into his shoes and experience his personal life and thoughts. 90% of top music analysts gave it big thumbs ups. According toWiki, the album received an average score of 83 out of 100, based on 14 reviews.

Stream / BuyCircles (2LP)(Clear Vinyl)

Eminem - Music To be murdered by

What a king of punchlines. He is a God when it comes to wordplay. One example from the track 'Premonition' - "Cause if you diss me im coming after U like the Letter V" .

I don't know how Eminem and his producers (Probably Dr. Dre) successfully merge the instrumentals and vocals with a bunch of weird background plays, some kind of movie-scene sounds amazingly, with a perfect timing and a perfect matching to the beat. Truth be told, that's so incredible.

In this project, Shady is against mumble rapping, going after those who voted against his 2017 Revival, mixed with relationships issues.

The way he used to deliver his message was incredible. Punchlines merged with cool witty verbal exchange.

Shady tapped some elite league individuals to use as features - Ed Sheeran, Juice WRLD, Young M.A and a lot to mention. Few months after releasing the project, he released the side B of Music To Be Murdered By, adding few tracks to it.

Stream / BuyMusic To Be Murdered By - Side B (Deluxe Edition) [2 CD]

Nas - King's Disease

Walking living legend, Nas, gave his fans what they have been waiting for. With great support from the producer Hit Boy behind the beats, they successfully created the album.

King's Disease is a hypothesis crafted according to Nas's syllabus and notes which highlight and focus more on - The rapper acting as a motivator, sharing real life situations, acting as a professor to young inexperienced rappers, highlighting a lot about racial issues and lifting the black empowerment program to new heights.

The album had guest appearances from Big Sean, Lil Durk, ASAP Ferg, Anderson Paak and many others.

Stream / BuyKing's Disease [Explicit]

Logic - No Pressure

First and foremost, the saddest part - Logic announced that No Pressure was his final studio album. Sometimes we shouldn't trust these rappers because they lie to us. If we travel back to the 2000s we heard a lot of rappers talking about retirement and 3 years after the announcement they surprised us with songs or a project. let's wait and see.

The fact is nobody want to see logic walking away from music. The Soul Food II rapper abandon the music world because of the birth of his son (Little Bobby), pushing him to focus on parenting.

To tell the truth No Pressure is better medicine than "Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind". We can call it a come back. Again Logic is on racism, equality, chaos in the rap industry etc.

He was trying to drift towards the roots of his past successful albums(Everybody and the incredible true story). Logic gave credit to Gods of rap such as J. Cole, Drake and Kendrick Lamar as the right people who inspired him . Happy retirement logic.

Stream / BuyNo Pressure

Big Sean - Detroit

It took Sean Don 3 years to craft Detroit 2 after "I Decided". Despite the pandemic blocking musicians from releasing music and touring, Big Sean decided to build a palace in a stormy world in order to deliver what most rap fans have been waiting for.

Top music analysts praisd its engagingness, that energy which kept the listeners hooked to the content and without failures it picked its place among top rap albums of 2020. Sean chose these top flight rappers - Eminem, Post Malone, Royce da 5'9", Travis Scott, Young Thug, Lil Wayne, Diddy, the late Nipsey Hussle and others for features.

Stream / BuyDetroit 2 [Explicit]

Run the Jewels - RTJ4

When these two legends, Killer Mike and EL-P decides to put out something, they never disappoint. The album was based upon major themes that are increasingly circulating around the world everyday - racism issues (The right moment after the George Floyd sad drama), raging against the system that turns to oppress the less privileged, inequality e.t.c.

There was no doubt that this project was a straight classic to top music-pundits.

Stream / BuyRTJ4

Royce Da 5'9 - The Allegory

The Allegory is an in-depth hypothesis, packed with life lessons and well written stories about political and racial discrimination issues faced by some Americans today.

Because of the valuable information inside and other important aspects, It was an obvious case that the album was going to receive a nomination for the Grammy Award for Best Rap Album (63rd Annual Grammy Awards)

It features guest appearances from Eminem, T.I., Conway the Machine, KXNG Crooked, Benny the Butcher, Cyhi the Prynce, DJ Premier, Grafh, Sy Ari da Kid, Vince Staples, Westside Gunn e.t.c.

Stream / BuyThe Allegory

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