Billie Eilish creepy art denounce the amendment of Pop music history



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Photo Credit: Billie Eilish

No one tried to acquaint musicians what Billie Eilish just did . Truth be told, its time for pop music artist to wake up and smell the coffee. Gradual evolutional changes often goes unnoticed. Are these pop artists blind ?. Did you see what just happened in a blink of an eye ?. A new wave and various transitions to pop music, unexpectedly.

Many can't notice how Billie Eilish is upending the old fixed system strategically . I will dive into detail layer by layer. Many juveniles of Billie eilish age are uncapable to break curses, installed by system makers, but Billie eilish unlocked the secret vault, and she changed history.

Despite recent downvotes, when fans were booing the "Ocean Eyes" singer, because she did not stop to sign autographs for waiting fans, it didn't push her off the path to success and she claims the people booing were bogus fans and professional autograph hunters seeking to make money from her signature.

Why Billie Eilish wave revamped current pop music characteristics

Alright let me describe and explain what happened bit by bit, and then I will make a conclusion for you to understand.

Control of perception through lyrics

Perception - conscious understanding of something. If you able to change or control people's perception musically, through lyrics and instruments without any doubts, you are a star, a classic-music maker. Billie Eilish lyrics are so addictive, merged with extraordinary quality lyrical content that will always linger in your mind, affecting you emotionally and changes your perception, that is if you follow her path, as her music is extremely entertaining, addictive and depressing.

Her lyrics mostly describe challenges she face personally, curving and elaborating negative side of romances and how they fail (like on her song "When The Part's Over") and addiction (on her song "Xanny" - she down voted drug use) . "Bad Guy", the biggest hit, which deserves to be on pop greatest hits list 10 years later, the most Grammy nominated track from her album.

With this she managed to capture and alter how juveniles view and deal with this jeopardized modern world, as they lose their minds to everything she do. Dive into the Grammy nominated star debut album, "When We All Fall Asleep Where Do We Go", list - without pressing rewind, skip or next, analyze each and every lyric and feel wave.

One who produces and mix Billie Eilish addictive-sad songs

Finneas O'Connell, Billie Eilish's older brother, the one who produced and mixed Billie Eilish album and the only one who is always behind Billie's work, who mastered how to capture your mind with instruments. He is also a great writer, one of the most creative producers I will put on my top 10 list . ( we will jump into their lyrics later)

The production incorporates alternative pop , alternative rock, dark pop , EDM , electropop, indie pop, pop and trap with various melodies mixed and merged with deep bass to affect you emotionally.

Listen to "When The Part's Over", our most depressing song in her album "When We All Fall Asleep Where Do We Go". Not only it grabs your mind, heart and soul , its scray, with perfect evil melodies and strange background vocals. Billie Eilish new single "Everything I Wanted", a catchy slow song , with Finneas O'Connell background vocals, proved how creative and hardworking they're, with cool transitions and effects.

Its her endeavor to divert from normal pop artists or basic art concepts, so as to grab world attention. She want to reside with the bipolar ones, who act weird, unlike other artists who act normal . As a result the Grammys recognized Billie Eilish work as she got nominated 6 times for the 62nd Annual Grammy Awards.

Billie Eilish focuses more on emotionalization through her depressing and sad songs.

We call her "The Mind Capturer". Unlike other pop artists, Billie's music is catchy, entertaining, humorous at the same time depressing (like I mentioned before) and addictive. Some of her emotional songs - "Ocean Eyes", "Xanny", "When The Part's Over", "Listen Before I Go", "I Love You ", "Goodbye". The best psychological way to gain loyal listeners is to deal with emotions, mind, heart and soul artistically ( lyrically, instruments and style).

Billie Eilish lyrics and music style

Lyrical content, the most crucial thing to worry about if you are a musician, but Billie doesn't have to worry much about that, as her older brother Finneas O'Connell is also a great writer. These two stars try to write most interesting and conversational lyrics, describing personal challenges and the negative side of romance, like i mentioned before . Something strange and interesting merged to her lyrics, Billie Eilish voice - gaspy or whispery like, some creepy addictive beats, depression - sad melodies on other tracks , multiple angelic background voices thus attracting a lot of audience to pay attention to her content.

How Billie Eilish deals with fame Stylistically

Billie Eilish clothing style

Billie Eilish clothing / fashion style grabbed world attention. Her clothing style, which consists primarily of baggy, ill-fitting clothing. In 2017, the "Bad Guy" singer pointed out that she likes dressing out of her comfort zone to feel like she grabs the attention of everyone around her. Billie Eilish in an interview, states that she tries to be really different from a lot of people and artists , and wears clothing opposite to what others are wearing. Her Aim is to look memorable, Billie Eilish interview pointed out that she proved to people that she is more important than they think , and she is kind of intimidating , so as the world to follow her livelihood.

In 2019, Billie Eilish told the media that she dresses in baggy clothes in order to prevent people from body shaming her. Advantageously with millions of people increasingly following her due to her style and music art , Billie Eilish merch ( hoodies, beanies e.t.c ), the newly released "Billie Eilish Kids" line, is predicted to surge in terms of sales. A lot of people have been reportedly looking for Blohsh. Billie Eilish Blohsh - is a store that sells vinyls albums, clothing , CD and other Billie's accessories.

Billie Eilish creepy instagram

Billie Eilish creepiness is not only noticed in music and her clothing style but also in her instagram accounts. Millions and millions of youth groups from around the world lost their minds to Billie Eilish instagram. Why ? , because its one creepy unique entertaining instgram account I ever seen. I might spend a day analysing her posts.

Without checking her instagram only, Billie Eilish subscribers and listeners on both YouTube and Spotify skyrocket day and night. An unbelievable thing that cannot be accomplished by young stars (15 years - 20 years age) of Billie eilish age.


The most crucial thing in music is to be a unique character, with unique style , personalized art and melodies . With this, the artist is guaranteed to dethrone reigning rivals.

Billie Eilish changed the way to approach pop music successful through her own way which is emotionalizing consumers of her products. Her music, extremely entertaining, addictive and catchy. She introduced new singing styles like gasping and whispering, in a horror-like path, which you cannot identify from any other pop artist.

Billie Eilish alienated clothing style got the world attention. Her baggy ill-fitting clothes, the hoodie, beanie and the new "Billie Eilish Kids" Line merch are today's topic. All available in Billie Eilish stores or in her "Billie Eilish Blohsh"


Billie Eilish massive famousness made her land on her goals and she changed history.

Billie Eilish networth

Billie Eilish at her age, within a period of 3 years, she is estimated to have a networth of 5 million. A lot of upcoming artist might take 5 or more years to blow, with the same age and abilities as Bille, but due to her uniqueness and relentlessness she made history.

Billie Eilish tours

Millions of people are always keen to attend Billie Eilish tours, the recent one - " When We All Fall Asleep World Tour 2019 ". She used to do opening acts, during Florence and the Machine – High as Hope Tour 2018. Who ever thought a teenager would make it this far.

Without applying in factors used by music experts or analysts to determine the most prominent in the music industry, you automatically pick Billie Eilish as the new ayatollah of pop music, with her depressing music, dragging the whole earth to consume it. Usually record breaking numbers of streams (on Spotify, YouTube e.t.c) don't determine how good an artist is (Thank God to marketing, which derives streamers) , but content / art will derive loyal followers. Billie Eilish's million loyal followers increase day by day, this is due to her extraordinary content and art, comparable to that of Adele and Taylor Swift, the biggest pop goddesses. According to most pop fans, they claim that Billie Eilish seized the pop crown.


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