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Creativity and uniqueness proved to be the only secrets that can get musicians to the top of "Everest". Music firms are splashing millions of dollars to gather hundreds of talents for brainstorming, so that they can feed the gathered-ideas to their main artist. Pundits have been asking questions: Who is the monster, the biggest cheese in the rap game? Who are the most creative rappers?

Best selling artists might brag about their billion streams, but the creating-monster is where all the power lies. Unique content (in terms lyrical content, production, videos e.t.c) is the major factor that reflect your crucialness to the public eye. Our research team have been searching for artists who tend to create arousing content that will always be eternally appetizing. They were able to gather their ten most creative rappers, according to certain factors. We are going to break down and describe the list in detail below.

What really defines most unique rappers


The one to inherit the rap-game throne should be aberrant, a heavy duty operator. What kept Kanye West relevant for more than a decade is not his controversal stories, it's because of his uniqueness in music. Trend riders, artists who get carried or hooked up with any trending music wave or style will never dethrone hard-working-artists. No ordinary musicians or producers are able to heavily influence the world till they turn the strangest human species.


No fans are able to ingest same type of content for too long, people are always searching for new waves. Lack of freshness is the only factor leading to the demolition derby of artists. Kendrick Lamar had a different approach in each project, with no doubt he proved to be the ayatollah, one of the best rappers of all time.

Quality content

When we say quality content we are not talking about the sound quality, its about high-stimulating lyrical content merged into an extraordinary beat and flow. No nonsensical speech is tolerated by music analysts and fans

Thoughtful artist

No one can turn down advisory services from J. Cole, his lyrics put him in a position where he is more of a guardian and counselor. An artist who is not ignorant, the one who consider the needs of the consumer first and foremost, and create his or her content accordingly, is the hero.

These are Most Creative Rappers You Need On Your Playlist


10) ROYCE DA 5'9

He is stuck in the underground rap world. Apparently, with no doubt one day he is going to be counted among the top influential rappers because of his projects. It will be a biased analysis to drop Royce from the list.


Soul belongs to the well-of-talent,Top dawg's group, TDE. "Pastor black lip's" uniqueness and creativity shouldn't go unnoticed. He might not be gigantic as his group mates and former colleagues: School boy Q, Kendrick Lamar and SZA but lyrically he perfectly fit in their web. A lot of fans are always craving for Ab Soul's new projects as he is one of those artists who always let the well dry and then fill it again after a while.


The president of G.O.O.D. Music. Pusha T's album sales might be low but sales won't determine someone's greatness. His punchlines are out of this world. He showcased his quality when he went toe to toe with the OVO founder, Drake when he crafted an undeniable and unforgettable classic diss track, which was a big blow - "The Story of Adidon", meant to terminate Drake's career. It's all thumbs up for King Push when it comes to project quality and creativity. He really deserve some respect.

7) J.Cole.

The founder of Dreamville, one of the best storytellers on the planet. He is the only one who might fit in Kendrick Lamar's shoes. He is one of those artists who should always be on your daily playlist. The "amari" rapper is the most humble in this ego-driven rap game. When it comes to album sales he is above average-selling rappers but a bit below top commercial rappers like Champagne Papi. We compare his lyric-work to Lamar's work but the only difference between the two is the way they deliver their content.


Mr "This is America", really deserve a place on the list. He is a complex guy, you can notice that he thinks outside the box by the type of perplexing sounds he crafts. He is really active in both the music industry and the film industry.

5)Tyler, The Creator

Never underestimate Tyler, The Creator.He is one of those unique rappers who gives their 100% energy in crafting alternative sounds. This is one the reasons why Tyler is in his own planet in terms of production, deliverance and video shootings. His creativity is nothing to underestimate.

4) Lil Nas X.

One of the most creative, if not the best, new-school rappers. He got his own different perspective. Every projects that he created for the past 3 years are truly incredible and really different. For instance, The & quot;Montero (Call Me By Your Name )" audio and video, his EP "7", the "Holiday" both video and audio, proved that Lil Nas X is extremely creative.


A legend from the 90s. He is not the one to play with or he might bring out the nuclear-launching devices. This billboard juggernaut always appears on the best-selling-rappers list. No one battle rapper dares to antagonize Eminem, as he is considered one of the most destructive weapon when it comes to battle rapping. Eminem merge perplexing background effects with his voice, with amusing punchlines. We hope his spirit haunt the studios when he is gone, he is very creative.


Also known asK-dot or Kung-fu Kenny, born and raised in Compton, California. Due to hard work, consistency and quality body of work , Lamar was able to escape from the abyss. It is well known that Lamar is a head honcho when it comes to lyric writing and in delivering his message. Comparing him to other artists, no one have enough courage or sufficient ammunition to terminate Lamar. The only furious star, who is mostly enrolled in Kenderick Lamar's class is J. Cole. The art and message portrayed by Kendrick Lamar is forbye, forcibly pushing the whole world and the music industry to invest more hours in his projects.


Despite his controversies, Kanye West is a talented artist who operate in many fields (rapper, songwriter, record producer, fashion designer, entrepreneur). Full name, Kanye Omari West, born in Atlanta and raised in Chicago, Illinois. The art in his music is superb and unique. He was one of the artists who introduced auto-tune, proving himself as one of the most creative rappers. He was also the first one to merge pop and hip-hop. Even though pundits claim his lyrical content is a mismatch to those of Kendrick Lamar, JAY-Z, Nas, J. Cole e.t.c, he tend to compete with these great lyricists. Looking at his fashion career, what an accomplishment.


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