How Kendrick Lamar And J. Cole Psychologically Maintain Their Longevity In Music



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"Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole, rap music troopers, lyrically armed. They proved to be real muckety mucks, the way they handle their music careers and lyrical content according to several factors."

Music industry, what an unjust and unpredictable game were artists are not guaranteed to outlive or remain relevant for decades unless they discover a trick to create content that any generation, even a toddler, can appreciate. No musician can last for eternity, being the billboard or Spotify juggernaut but if his / her career is well managed, she / he will be indispensable.

Music career management, the most essential activity to be carried out first and foremost, soon after elevation of an artist . If well managed, the artist is guaranteed nobleness in the music world. So many rappers came, a year later they were nowhere to be found. Is it having inadequate resources or lacking knowledge, talent or skill to write or is it poor deliverance way of their message or lyrical content ?. We are going to take a look at some factors that affect music career by studying and analyzing J. Cole's and Kendrick Lamar's music career and how they were able to stay long in rap / hip-hop industry here. Longevity, a crucial factor to consider in music but its a difficult nut to crack.

Mr "Middle Child", J. Cole, born in frankfurt, West Germany on January 28, 1985. Kendrick Lamar Duckworth , born in Compton, California on June 17, 1987. The need to be leaders or juggernauts contributed more to their unremittingness towards their work. These two stars grew up in the same rap class alongside Drake, Asap Rocky, Meek Mill, Big Sean, Tyler The Creator, Mac Miller, Pusha T, Wale Big K.R.I.T e.t.c and they turned out to be the most outstanding, even though Drake appears to be vicious in terms of sales and billboard charting, however some critiques downvoted few of his projects. If record-sale report is the only factor which determines greatness or the award picker, then criticism and analysis boards (critiques,bloggers e.t.c), together with the awards shows, should be terminated.

Cole and Lamar merged different types of techniques which were used as concepts and management tactics for the rap industry by their influencers- Tupac Shakur, The Notorious B.I.G. , Jay Z , Nas , Eminem and Andre 3000. These legends influenced their rap style and their day-to-day lifestyle. Combining what they got from their idols with modern day psychological ways to deal with music careers , they deduced ways to capture peoples minds, hearts and souls.

Two aspects Cole and Lamar wasn't concerned about , charts and record sales. Record labels and other artists tend to focus more on these subjects, as it is the best way to recoup ADVANCES and also to get their royalties from the artist. J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar knew that quality body of work was the only perfect path to positive numbers of album sales. You get paid more according to the quality of your project and your hard work.

How J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar manage thier music careers


Rareness, might be the only antidote to enhance chemistry or rapport between a popular figure and the followers, indirectly. Cole and Lamar creates an anticipation state in rap fans by withdrawing themselves away from social media, news or any other mass media stories. As an advantage, due to the anticipation installed in fans, these fans will be aniously waiting or eager to see new products from quiet Cole and Lamar, hence an increased number of record-sales. J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar invest more hours in their pojects, they put their hearts and souls in their work so that their projects will be valuable and worth listening. These two stars have got no time to impress people on social media , they are constantly working.

Non-continuous release of projects.

One best way to create a classic long lasting project is by putting more days and months working and researching for your project , implementing new concepts . A continuous release of albums, singles or mixtapes indicate lack of seriousness and focus towards your work. What do J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar do to avoid being embarrassing to their fans?. They engaged themselves in a non-continuous release of projects motion and they make sure to create and release a quality-classic project / products whenever they are about to drop. "To Pimp A Butterfly", Kendrick Lamar's third studio album which was released in 2015 , he took a two year working period (including tours) and then released "DAMN", his 4th studio album. "4 YOUR EYEZ ONLY",J. Cole's 4th studio album which was released back in 2016 and then he released "K.O.D (Kids On Drugs)" , in 2018. Another two year working space.


For example , the only way for a rich individual or the aristocracy to connect and build a relationship with the lower class ones is to be humble and embarking lower class lifestyle. J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar (especially Cole) knew that the only way to connect strongly with their fans is by being regular and they downvoted being flossy. They are not interested much in gold / diamond chains and watches, like what other rappers do. They act like slummers, broke-poor rappers but they make up the top 5 list of the most paid rappers according to Forbes.

Solid-Classic Projects

in music, its not about being signed to a major record label or a healthy pocket for an artist to produce a solid-classic album or single, its all about quality content. J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar are known for supporting the antagonization of trending waves, they encourage artist to create their own waves, they are both allergic to hit sounds. Only two or three hit tracks are noted in their albums, even though hit tracks tend to derive accolades and money nowadays. Cole and Lamar study the heart, soul, mind and day to day lifestyle of their fans and create unique solid-classic records accordingly. Despite their instruments being critised by many people , any song with J. Cole or Kendrick Lamar will always top the billboard charts.


Consistency, the only factor that differentiate a world class artist and an average artist. Consistency, is the only cure to deterioration. There is no such thing as being stagnant to J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar. They rarely vacate. The word "resting" is insignificant to Cole and Lamar whenever studio sesssions approaches. When they reach their expectations, they don't rest, they keep on searching for more information, analyzing the world system and deliver it to the world in a best and motivating way.

Core Fan Base

In the music community, building a core fan base is a crucial thing that need to be accomplished before anything else . These people will always be loyal to you. They are the ones who promote , support and spread your products to the world whether you are down or you are trending. J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar did this from the very start. Their core fan base will always support, promote and being loyal to them for the next 20+ years. Their lyrical content is the only thing that makes them great and it will always keep on attracting and dragging new people.

Experimenting , Creative and Innovative

In each and every sector, experimenting - trying to introduce new tactics is crucial. J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar strive to introduce new sounds, new flow , new video concepts in each and every way and as a result thier products change the music wave. There is no lack of freshness, they always mature both lyrically and in production. They fly to new heights artistically showing signs of maturity, they don't ride and engage to trending stunts, which will always be under fire from critiques. They are not to be compared to other rappers , who use the same type of instruments that made them blow at start, and use them in their next projects.

Strong and Motivating Lyrical Content

No one in the world (even the most influential president ) can condemn music that helps to promote civilization , integration and playing a big role in spreading love. Cole's and Lamar's music will last for long , making a significant impact worldwide for the next 7 - 10 decades due to its strong lyrical content, encouraging people to stay away from drugs, abstaining gang violence e.t.c.


Lamar and Cole had a vision. They knew where they were heading to. They were keen to get to their current positions in the rap game. In their come-up era , every new rapper followed the same footsteps of the famous ones, on his / her way of pursuing stardom position. Cole and Lamar worked hard and originated their own path ways. These two legends are playing a major role in changing the world. They taught civilization to millions of people around the world and changed their lives through their music. They deserve to be on "The World Greatest Musicians of All Times" list.


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