Sleep deprivation : How All-night studio sessions are destroying hip-hop / rap culture unnoticeably



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Frankly , sleep deprivation is an insidious factor most artists ignore . For instance , rappers tend to extend studio sessions, working all night in the studio , we understand it , they do this for progression but on the other hand they initiate the declination of rap / hip-hop culture indirectly. How ? , thats what I'm going to elaborate .

"ALL-NIGHTERS", I heard this phrase numerous times in my favorite genre, hip-hop and it got me wondering how these stars work. When they say "All-nighters" in rap it simply means - artists tend to stay up all night working in the studio, producing and recording . Here are some examples of notable rappers talking about all-night work

  • Bryson Tiller - Blowing Smoke

    It's 7 A.M. in the morning, I been up since 3
    F##k it, I'ma keep going
    Yeah "

  • Dr. Dre - Talking to My Diary

    "used to sit back , laugh and joke
    Now I remember when we used to do all-nighters
    You in the booth and Cube in the conner writing "

Well, we got a lot of scary things to talk about with regard to this type of working schedule. After months of gathering information about the side effects of sleep deprivation from health experts , they proved how It indirectly affect musicians, for example their lyrical content, art ,livelihood , music career e.t.c .

The Hip-hop / Rap industry turned out to be the most outstanding genre in the world, revealing how hardworking rap artists are, as they tend to get more and more popular to the same level as pop artists which is impressive and fantastic. We carried out a study and we ascertained that most of these artists call themselves "ALL-NIGHTERS" as I mentioned before , meaning that their work session / sessions can last throughout the whole night . Psychologists consider sleep deprivation as a barricade blocking movement / an advancement through a series of events.

You can be a hardworking affluent individual but don't ever spend your nights awake, trying to progress more in your work, its harmful to your health , as a matter of fact it deteriorate your progression. What most people probably know or expect as the aftermath of sleep deprivation is feeling lethargic, sleep or dozy but according to reports from certified physicians , sleep deprivation incite catastrophic situations and other arising health problems you unaware of.

I had to listen to more than 20 different rap albums for me to discover how rappers work or manage their time. Getting enough sleep equips your mind and body to be more effective when it comes to writing / producing . I'm going to describe in depth on how lack of sleep led many rapper to an abyss.

Consequences of sleep deprivation in rap / hip-hop art /culture

Creation of dissatisfying instrumentals or beats

According to Stephanie Watson and Kristeen Cherney , Healthline media writers, your creativity , concentration and problem-solving skills aren't up to par when you don't get enough sleep. Now if audio engineers / producers spend their whole nights in the studio, their level of creativity won't be at the highest level , thus , creating a catastrophe . Remember its all about capturing peoples mind in this game (music) , and it won't be successful with an unexceptional body of work .

Lack of depth and complexity in lyrics

Besides quality content , depth and complexity are other two key factors in the world of entertainment . As i mentioned in the last paragraph, sleepless nights lead to fatigue and tone down your creativity and concentration. So for a rapper not to pass due dates agreed, he / she is forced to continue with the "all-night work" lane ,thus , writing down shallow content .


Lacking freshness, motion, flow, progress, or change in an artist's career . Due to sleep deficit , a person might face some difficulties in learning new concepts. His / her mind resist to change or to cope with new ideas . Its not all about keeping the same culture and concepts but its about experimentalism, how to implement different tactics and ideas in that culture. New concepts are crucial. Using old tactic / concepts or sticking to the same type of approach in tackling music business might lead to the decline of audience / consumers, since most of them move and adapt according to new concepts, unless the old tactic is psychologically / tactically implemented.

Depression and anxiety

I bet we all have seen a lot of rappers talking about depression and anxiety a lot, promoting the media to come up with different theories and explanations. Discomforting or distressing situations are not the only factors to blame for depression and anxiety affecting most of the rappers. According to Kathleen Davies, a writer from Medical News Today , If you forcibly stay up, there is no way to evade the fact that sleeplessness enhances depression. As most of these stars tend to overstay in studios, extending their sessions, they're obliviously altering their livelihoods. Anxiety and depression, listed as common symptoms of sleep deprivation , associated with some changes in mood and behavior. Sleepless nights enhances a lowered perception of quality of life which is likely to create a lane leading to depression.

Drug Overdose

You might be wondering how far true this fact is, well this is 100 percent true, as i mentioned in the last paragraph, depression and anxiety is not only caused by distressing situation but it is also an outcome of sleep deprivation. The next thing rappers do when they are depressed nowadays is to overdose drugs. Many rappers died from drug overdose, the aftermath of depression is drug abuse, trying to ease the pain .


Yes its a fact that sleep deprived people are more prone to death just the same way as drug overdoers. Proper working timetable should be made to dodge this and for effectiveness seek. According to reports sleep deprivation kill humans faster than starvation, as circadian rhythm is affected.

Artists will be hard to motivate due insomnia

Don't brag about having a 3 hour sleep to your colleagues or fans , trying to prove how hardworking you are, you will turn into an insomniac. According to physicians it was reported that Insomniacs are hard to motivate. "All-nighters" transform into insomniacs. To provide an artist with anincentive or to motivate during sessions is crucial . They say motivation is the greatest lesson , this helps to keep the positive spirit on. An artist without impetus to strive or excel is or might be insomniac. It will be a hard task to motivate him / her, thus being less affective to his / her project .

Temperamental or Moodiness

Being short-tempered, described as natural according to many people, later discovered to be a rumor that people forcibly turned into a fact . Well on the other side, according to most physicians, sleep deprived people mostly tend to be short-tempered. How does this negatively affect rap / hip-hop art / culture ?, short tempered artists are geeks in creating chaos and mayhem, thus breaking chemistry between other important figures and it lead to a sharp sudden decline of loyal fan base as they react this barbaric behavior. Kanye West is one of the artists believed to be suffering from sleep deprivation, who frequently changes his mind or mood suddenly.

Difficulties in concentrating

As i mentioned before , sleep deprivation causes Impaired studio or show performance, as sleep deprived people tend to react slow, thus, the situation leading to loss of concentration. This force artists to make average-rated projects thus creating a room for criticisms by music analysts and experts. Progression is likely to be affected more as there will be loss of concentration.


A lack of coordination or elegance is due to lack of sleep mostly. Poor planning or lacking tact is a situation not to be entertained in someone's music career otherwise it might be his / her downfall. Assuming that you are an artist, say no to all-night sessions or this might be you very soon, being a klutz.

Increased Forgetfulness level

There might be a point when rappers tend to forget their lyrics whenever they are about to get on stage, what an embarrassing moment . This is due to lack of sleep mostly. The only way to freshen up your mind and preparing it for new information is to get enough time to rest.

Pessimism / Reduced tendency of thinking positively

As an artist, focusing on thoughts ofsuccess, as a strategy forachievement is a crucial thing to believe in. Sleep deprivation reduces your positive thinking. Being negatively minded is a pathway that leads to chaos, thus affecting your music career negatively.


In course of creating new music tunes or flow , dejecting situations brings a negative energy in a music career, prompting an artist to perform at his / her lowest level. Sleep deprived people are always discomforted. Same applies to the all-night studio sessions and this might lead to mental or bodily distress.


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