How They Use Artificial Intelligence in Music


How They Use Artificial Intelligence in Music

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It's not a rumor or hearsay, it's a fact that advanced technology is slowly becoming one of our crucial life pillars needed for survival. At first, AI first ports of call were stock exchange, the film industrie, medical industrie and the internet. Now the truth is, it's no longer groundbreaking news to talk about the future of artificial intelligence in music, it has already landed.

Most of well-known fields in music, for instance - production / mastering, Lyric-writing processes and live performances are, without exceptions, to face some changes due to the interference of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

The whole program of attempting to apply enhanced tech in the music world was disclosed to the public when some tech top brass organized theInternational Joint Conferences on AI, to discuss on how exactly they were going to merge algorithms with music.

The situation prompted some musicians to press the panic button, panicking and shaking as they envisaged the future of their jobs. But Michaela Shiloh sharedsome stress-reliefing news to the artists via the web, Entrepreneur.

Michaela revealed that according to the world economic forum, AI in workplaces are expected to create 133 million new jobs but they are going to eliminate 75 million jobs by 2022. In short, this implies that 58 million new roles are to be created.

Why Elite Music Firms Are Investing Millions in order to employ ArtifIcial intelligence in music

AI enhance the user's listening experience

According to the website -entrepreneur, Tencent made shocking strides in fostering projects namely - Joox, KKBox and QQMusic. These tools try to analyze, as much as possible, the listener's preferences or habits, which then provide currated playlists of songs related to the listeners needs and wants.

Spotify and other streaming services like Netflix also invested enormous amounts of money into the creation of algorithms that can learn and create curated playlists. Because of these services, new artists will easily get discovered through these curated playlists.

How Spotify use Artificial intelligence (Video Credit: Bernard Marr - YouTube)

Anmol Saxena, Co-founder/CEO of Ashva Wearable Technologies shared a blog post, foretelling that some future softwares like these, will be able to identify and record the listener's listening behaviours, record data obtained from the user's body vitals such as heartbeats, stress levels, breathing rate e.t.c., so as to inform the app's engineers / maintenance team or to alert the algorithms to change the picking criteria and to filter unwanted content, accurately.

The goal here is to focus on the consumer, to treat the consumer like golden eggs as they are the crucial targets. Tech giants are trying as much as possible to develop technology that serve human interest first and foremost.

If we hop to the other side of the story though, some experts were going against these type of algorithms.BBC World news shared a perspective from one of Hollywood experts, Martin Scorsese (A Filmmaker), who criticised algorithms exposing users to certain content based on their viewing habits.

Scorsese went on to say "they are damaging the art form and they treat the viewer as a consumer and nothing else." Not only Martin but some other tech journalist pressed the downvoting button for these algorithms, saying - "they tend to expose poor-quality content to the listeners / viewers as it is recommended by the software"

The truth is, soon or later, tech people who are behind these softwares, will come up with a well structured solution for that problem. They will create policies that won't harm someone's job or that won't disrupt civilization.

Importance of Artificial intelligence in music production.

A Song created using AI music software (Video Credit: Aiva - YouTube)

Programmers are not devoted to waste their time and energy on these projects in order to eliminate your favorite top musicians from the radar. They are trying, in all possible ways, to make music production sessions as easy as rolling off a log for producers or artists.

These tools will be assisting and empowering artists to keep on crafting best-quality content in a fast and a simplified manner, resulting in a huge return of investments for record labels, as more top quality music content will be delivered to the public ears, ahead of the expected time or schedule.

According to a blog post from ITU News,Taryn Southern, a YouTube star who achieved an enormous amount of viewers, released an album that was entirely crafted using AI projects (Google's Magenta, AIVA, Amper Music, and IBM's Watson Beat ).

Here is the shocking news, Taryn didn't have a rich foundation and background about music production.

There are those talented people who truly love to join the music world but because they have insufficient knowledge about music production or mastering, they are forced to pursue other different lanes and projects far from music.

The introduction of artificial intelligence in the music industry made it easier for people like southern to share their perspective through music. These AI projects are feed with a lot of tracks from different genres and then it analyze data from those different music tastes. With it's algorithms, it can detect and learn like how to use samples, kicks, applying melodies etc.

From this stage it can create meaningful music that people can enjoy. If you look at Jukebox, it was trained using more than a million songs, therefore, it has the ability to create a hit song comparable to a human one.

Another incredible AI project, namely,Humtap Music. This tool can pick your vocals and then it create an instrument accordingly.

Lyric-writing softwares

Lyric-crafting is a time consuming process but the intervation of AI and Machine learning made it a less perplexing procedure.One software raising to dominance, which is being used by some writers is ALYSIA.

It gives users an options to select an instrument and topics that they want their writings to focus on. It then craft lines of lyrics which the user can select to make the intended song.

Because of this new breath-catching technology, writer's block will no longer be a barricade to artist's lane to success. They only need to acquire tech skills in order to work alongside these content-writing softwares. They will never run out of ideas as these tools will act as a spark to initiate the whole process.

Audio Mastering using Artificial intelligence

If you fully review some of your favorite song, there are hidden reasons why you enjoy that track. it could be the melodies or the way the one who was behind the track used, to flip the coin against your favor.

The most important factor most people don't usually care for when ever they review their favorite song is the people who were behind the mastering of that certain song. Mastering is the most important section whenever it comes to the engagingness of the track.

Besides the singer or songwriter, Audio Master is the one who determines weather that song will be a ground-shaking song or not.

Believe it or not, there is an AI project that was designed for audio mastering only. One best example is LANDR. This tool is on it's own lane to dominance, used by more than 500 thousand people.

Although most artists are still depending on human workforce when it comes to mastering, AI is also able to pull out the same amount of work.

How will it affect Data Collection and Data Analysis / Market Research

Due to changes in the business world, most top companies are now forced to change the way they run their businesses. If you look closely, they are turning into data driven firms. They collect and evaluate data from their target market and gather equipment or resources needed and execute according to data reports.

Take for instance, record labels are always looking for this type of data - music sells, certain area where a lot of people are following and buying their signees music, age groups which are listening repeatedly to their content, their social class, gender, religion e.t.c

AI platforms are able to provide such services without investing a lot money. Streaming platforms like spotify are already equipped with such futures.

Application of Machine learning and Artificial intelligence in musical performance

Artificial Intelligence merged with human features

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Merging AI with human features

Top flight musicians, such as the American Rap-star J.Cole, emphasized a lot about live performances crucialness. He said, live shows should be taken seriously as they are one of the only ways to create a deep relationship or connection between an artist and his target audience.

Therefore it is important to constantly review or check the audience's feelings and reactions towards the performer's actions when they are watching their favorite artists performing, in order for stage mangers and show organizers to prepare a better and a greater atmosphere for the audience whenever they gather to watch their favorite artist.

French top tech-pundits,HALposted a comprehensive post that revealed how exactly scientists can use machine learning and AI as best tools to boost excitation in musical performance.

They revealed that scientists are able to put wearable biosensors on a performing artist. These will transmit data from the performer's internal organs as well as to track performer's movements, to a machine learning-based software. It then analyse the collected data and then chooses whether to affect the background music according to the performer's movements and stage expressions.

This will therefore, make live performances more exciting, thus, attracting a lot of viewers / audiences and in return they get more revenues from mech and tickets.

Here comes a question: What's the aftermath of introducing artificial intelligence in music? Is it going to sideline the human workforce? Tech experts advocated for the programmers who created these projects pointing out that the software-creators are not aiming to replace musicians with machines but to make their work easier.


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