Why Celebrities Will Always Be Affected By Depression



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"Is Depression and Anxiety really dodgeable? why most of celebrities are always depressed if their paradise is here on earth ? ."

Celebrities, spots were money and resources are superabundant. Mind controllers, who can turn over the world with a single social media post, but one thing they can't duck or surpass - depression. Their Heaven is right here on earth since they got access to every expensive resources, but why are they are always depressed?.

Depression - a state of mind producing serious, long-term lowering of enjoyment of life or inability to visualize by a happy future. A weapon no one can evade. Lot of blogs or news sources are always spreading and revealing how much most of these celebrities are suffering from depression due to numerous factors we are going to list below. The theme "Money is the answer to all your problems" is a bit of a cliché. We have seen so many unhappy rich individual with 100 percent privileges. We met poor people living in a shocking poverty, wishing to be in the noble class, but they enjoy each and every day of their lives. You might have the most paying job but as long as it exposes you to depressing situations, you won't enjoy it.

Why most of celebrities are always depressed:

Future Uncertainty

Not even fortune tellers or psychics are able to accurately foretell your career's future. Its not guaranteed that an artists will always be the most trending, life is like a rolling wheel. A lot of new artists impress at the beginning of their career, 12 months down the line, they apparently expose themselves as "one-hit-artists".As an example, who ever thought that R.Kelly will end up in an abyss despite his controversies. Overthink about their future got their minds in an unstable state forcing themselves to impress the crowd in each and every way.

Creativity race

The ability to use imagination to produce a product that is useful to society is a hardshell to crack, a weight lifting scenario.Lets put our selves in music engineer's shoes, its not that easy to create new sound that can draw world's attention for years.For the sake of competition, we end up having artists overstaying in studios, trying to be as creative as possible, creating more time to research and to analyse their work, thus less time to rest resulting in sleep deprivation. Know more about HOW SLEEP DEPRIVATION NEGATIVELY AFFECT YOUR MUSIC CAREER. Kanye West is one of the artists reportedly suffering from sleep deprivation.

Record Label pressure

Especially new artists who signs for a 360 deal. They are always on check. They are forced to make hit records for radio play and to gain more fans. They are always on tour 90 percent of their time, thus less time for family and friends.


Being highly sensitive to everything leads to fear. Fear of losing it all after they hit the top spot. According to our analysis 70 percent of music artists try to secure the highest attainable state or degree of excellence when creating music, ending up filled with fear of exposing new unreleased music to the world when they are competing with other artists. This welcomes depression and anxiety to their door steps.


Bloggers, analysts or reviewers , are parts of factors to blame for artist's depression or mental breakdowns. Imagine working on a project for 2 years and someone just down-votes or evaluate and judge its merits and faults. Cardi b, one of the stars who criticised bloggers on "Press" and on Offset's hit "clout". Kanye West, known for his bad attitude towards paparazzi and bloggers. However this might be an indirect alert, hinting them to improve the quality of their product , if consumers react negatively to your product, next time you are pushed to work hard. This is a stress or depression giving situation.


The tax collectors, employed to stalk the richest individuals. Most celebrities tend to get flossy soon after they get rich. The richer you are the more money the government collect from you. If you take a look at artists who are no longer on a peak , due to career mismanagement, they were having hard times in paying taxes. Sometimes you need to invest whenever you get large amounts of money. JAY-Z, P Diddy, Dr Dre, Master P e.t.c are notable names who invested a lot in numerous projects.


They say the highest level is a lonely place. When you are a celebrity you are forced to cut relationships or any chemistry between you and other people. When you get popular you are forced to sacrifice time for family and friends , you are forced to terminate any common activities you were previously engaged in. Celebrities can't take a walk outside, otherwise the paparazzis might ruin their careers and make millions with their names. You are disconnected from doing regular life activities which might be a hard time to other celebrities. These stars are always lonely with only a few selected number of people who are there for business only, surrounded by bodyguards. They only pay visits to their families for limited hours due to work. This level of loneliness is a way to a pit of depression and anxiety.

False allegations

Its no longer a complex procedure to harvest a million dollar from a well known figure. People, especially women, tend to create false allegations as way to get money. Ronaldo, Neymar, Drake e.t.c are notable names that were involved in false allegations. These fussing intentional moves put celebrities in a point-blank-range situation. From this point, the oppressed celebrity is more prone to a mental breakdown or depression and anxiety.

Numerous tours, shows or activities

Picture your self being in shoes of Kanye West or any popular figure and imagine yourself being on stage 4 or 5 times a week, what a frustrating, a tiresome job. More hours are to be invested in rehearsals, writing and in trying to be as creative as possible. These are depressing situations contemporaneously haunting celebrities. Kanye West explained how frustrating this scenario is in Charlamagne's interview and described it as factor that led to his 2016 mental breakdown.

Outcomes of depression and anxiety

Drug overdose

Overindulgence of drugs, a situation haunting every teenager, a situation paralyzing most of depressed celebrities. People tend to overdose opioids, taking it as problem solver. Depression and anxiety forcibly push people to overconsume drugs, trying to feel relived.

Derives Suicidal Thoughts

Suicide and depression work hand in hand, as depression turns out to be an effective formula that leads to suicide. Celebrities are listed on the most vulnerable figures list. Consistent negative outcomes plunges suicidal thoughts in them, it might be loneliness, strong dislikes from the crowd, underperforming album sales or show-numbers e.t.c.

Negatively affect working progress

Depression promote impaired work performance, thus affecting the outputs. In music the output will be an average rated project as it will fail to impress most the listeners.


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